Meta MacLean, Fabric Artist

After graduating from the University of New Brunswick, I taught high school English and Physical Education in Montreal where I met my husband. We moved to Kenya where our first child was born, lived in England for a year and then moved to Japan where our second child was born. Our youngest child was born when we returned to Montreal.

My art practice began with pottery and sculpture, some examples of which you can view here. I started making quilts as a way to further explore colour. I thought it would be wonderful to have a quilt that was like a painting, but after making a few large bed quilts I found them impractical as so much time went in to designing and making them. By then I was hooked on fabric, so I started making pieces for the wall.

Most of my pieces are pictorial and depict Nature, vistas from my travels, or human figures in action and repose. I love photography and many of my images come from my favourite photos. Using old and new techniques with fabrics tends to give my pieces a slightly graphic and realistic look. My challenge is to show you what I feel about what I see, giving life and motion to each piece.

I can be contated by email and warmly welcome your inquiries and feedback.
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